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Our Mission.............................
" To share our abilities with astronomy in order to preserve dark starry night skies and a vibrant healthy environment in the California Desert and everywhere else on our Planet for future generations! "

SCDVA, moving the line for dark skies and environmental awareness.


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The World's First & Only Live Astronomy Theater.



Let's explore our wonderful Universe together!


What's Happening

Thanks to all who came by our IDA booth at the

50th RTMC Anniversary Celebration

L-R:  Comet discoverers David Levy, Jean Mueller, Don Machholz and Alan Hale all join in for a group photo. It was said that fifty one comets have been found by these astronomers! 

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What's Next........

Summer Solstice
Stardust Party

Saturday, June 23rd

Let's come together to celebrate community, the stars, and our interstellar collective hearts on the longest day of the year!
The summer solstice marks the peak point where the sun hits it's highest note calling for a union of ENERGY!

Kicking off the show at 7:30 pm, we celebrate the Solstice of Summer with a great lineup of musicians, artists, and astronomy! 
$20 at the gate

Will reflect on the Goddesses of the sky and why many over time have called us mere 'stardust' 
Enjoy gazing through telescopes and learning to identify planets and constellations~

BELLSTARR 7:30 - 10pm



Make it an all nighter and camp out under the warm desert night skies.  
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Sunday, August 12th
Join us for the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower 2018
New Moon Star Gazing Meteor Shower Event
$5.00 please
No pets please
Drive slow to keep dust low please
Bring your comfy stuff etc.
Kids welcome

Make it an all nighter and camp out under the warm desert night skies.  
Make your camping reservations now. 
Go to

Clear Sky Chart for The Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater  



Moon Phases for June 2018

January moon, February moon, March moon, April moon, May moon, June moon, July moon, August moon, September moon, October moon, November moon, December Moon


SCDVA, Official IDA Chapter Serving The High Desert Region
San Bernardino County


IDA International Dark Sky Association

"Ask not what dark skies can do for you, rather,
Ask what you can do for dark skies."

                                                                                Inspired by a quote from JFK



Click the above image to see amazing live views of our earth

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June Skies

Planet Highlights

Jupiter is visible in the evening sky at around 8:08 pm (PDT) in Joshua Tree as the dusk settles into night.  Look just above  south-eastern horizon. It will then reach its highest point in the sky at 10:42 pm, 40° above our southern horizon. It will continue to be observable until around 03:22 am, when it sinks into south-western horizon.

Saturn is visible from Joshua Tree, it is visible in the morning sky, becoming accessible at around 10:23 pm PDT, when it rises 9° above the south-eastern horizon. It will then reach its highest point in the sky at 02:25 am, 33° above the southern horizon and will be disappear in the dawn twilight at around 05:02 am in the south-western horizon.

Mars is another morning object.  The Red Planet can be seen at  at around 12:18 am, when it rises  above the south-eastern horizon. It will then reach its highest point in the sky at 04:31 am looking towards the southern horizon. It will also disappear into the dawn sunrise at around 05:14 am into the  southern horizon.

Summer Color Approaches

As the days get longer, sadly for astronomers the nights get shorter.  The good news is the warm evenings and the summer skies of beautiful objects to observe. Sagittarius, (The Archer) alone contains 15 Messier objects Sagittarius Star Cloud (Messier 24), the Omega Nebula (Messier 17), Messier 18, the Lagoon Nebula (Messier 8), and the Trifid Nebula (Messier 20) just to name a few.  Also, a number of very famous deep sky objects, including the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy, the Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy, Barnard’s Galaxy, the Bubble Nebula. 

Another highlight of summer sky, is the Summer Triangle asterism rising in the east in June and July evenings. It’s a large star pattern made of 3 bright stars in 3 separate constellations, Cygnus (The Swan), Lyra (The Harp) and Aquila (The Eagle).


June 16th - The Moon & Venus make a Close Approach.

The Waxing Crescent Moon and Venus will be passing within 2°18' of each other just 3 days after the new Moon. From Joshua Tree, the pair should become visible at around 8:14 pm (PDT) as the dusk sky fades, into the western horizon. 

They will then sink towards the horizon, setting  about 2 1/2 hours after the Sun at 10:32 pm PDT.
Both in the constellation Cancer.  Unfortunately, the pair will be too widely separated to fit within the field of view of a telescope, but will be visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars.

June 21st Summer Solstice

Sunrise 5:34 am with sunset at 8:00 pm giving us a total of 14:25:57 of daylight Occurs at 3:07 am PDT in Joshua Tree.

June 27th -  Full "Strawberry" Moon

The first full Moon of Summer occurs at 9:53 pm PDT in Joshua Tree. According to the Farmers Almanac, "June's full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Strawberry Moon because it signaled the time of year to gather ripening fruit. It also coincides with the peak of the strawberry harvesting season. This moon has also been known as the Full Rose Moon and the Full Honey Moon."



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