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Our Mission.............................
" To share our abilities with astronomy in order to preserve dark starry night skies and a vibrant healthy environment in the California Desert and everywhere else on our Planet for future generations! "

SCDVA, moving the line for dark skies and environmental awareness.


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The World's First & Only Live Astronomy Theater.



Let's explore our wonderful Universe together!


What's Next....

7:30 pm - 10 pm.

At The Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater

Wish upon a Falling Star? Black Cats in the Night got your worried? Friday the 13th brings thoughts of woe and chilling vibes of doom and anxiety! 

We will be exploring the thought as it relates to the Night Sky and how the Stars brought ideas of Superstition and Lore of Good and Bad Luck as the Cosmos provides a backdrop of inky black!

Astronomy will be happening!

Come with us as we share stories about our Lucky Stars!

Remember your comfy stuff

$5.00 at the door please. Sorry, no pets allowed inside the theater.

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Earth Day Fair at the Hi-Desert Nature Museum
Each April the Morongo Basin celebrates the annual Earth Day Fair.  Presented by the Hi-Desert Nature Museum, the event has been a community favorite for over a decade.  This year’s fair will take place on Saturday, April 21st from 9:00 am to 2:00 p.m. and will be setting out again to educate, innovate, and inspire.  In addition to learning about the latest and greatest planet-saving solutions, the event also features great shopping for amazing nature inspired or environmentally friendly arts and crafts. 

Come and safely look through our solar telescopes for a close up view of the sun like you have never seen it before.
Learn what you can do to help Mother Earth.

Coming Soon.....

SCDVA is joining in as representatives for the International Dark-Sky Association!
For more info, click on the link below.

SCDVA is pleased to share great news about an important pioneer in the art of astroimaging... 
Wally Pacholka 2018 Recipient of
"The G. Bruce Blair Award" 
"Pioneering work in Landscape Astrophotography of National Parks"
His award will be presented at this years RTMC event

Clear Sky Chart for The Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater  



Moon Phases for April 2018

January moon, February moon, March moon, April moon, May moon, June moon, July moon, August moon, September moon, October moon, November moon, December Moon


SCDVA, Official IDA Chapter Serving The High Desert Region
San Bernardino County


IDA International Dark Sky Association

"Ask not what dark skies can do for you, rather,
Ask what you can do for dark skies."

                                                                                Inspired by a quote from JFK



Click the above image to see amazing live views of our earth

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Interesting News.......

The Full Solar Magnetic Cycle.
According to SOHO/NASA "The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has been in space for more than 22 years — the average length of one completed solar magnetic cycle, according to the European Space Agency. In this new image, SOHO researchers pulled together 22 images of the sun, taken each spring over the course of a full solar cycle. This initial phase takes 11 years, and after another 11 years, the magnetic field's orientation returns to where it began."

April 6th - 8th Early Morning Planets

Looking toward the Southern sky in the pre dawn hours, you will be treated with the waning Moon as it passes just above Mars and Saturn with Sagittarius and Scorpios just below, with Jupiter shining bright towards the Southwest.

April 16 - 23 
The annual Lyrid Meteor Shower is usually active between April 16 and 25 every year. 

According to NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke, The best day to see Lyrid meteors will be extremely early in the morning on Sunday, April 22nd. As with most meteor showers, the peak viewing time will be before dawn, but also you can see shooting stars from the Lyrids after nightfall and before dawn, weather permitting, of course. 

According to Cooke, the average Lyrid shower produces 15 to 20 meteors per hour; this year, the meteor shower should hit about 18 per hour. Some years, the Lyrid meteor shower intensifies and can produce up to 100 meteors per hour in what's called an "outburst," but it is difficult to predict exactly when that will happen.  

Be sure to check out the late night sky on Saturday the 21st or the early morning pre dawn sky on Sunday morning of the 22nd.  The meteors will be radiating from the Constellation Lyra high in the sky near the bright star Vega located in the Summer Triangle just above and to the right of Deneb which is in Cygnus the Swan.



April 21st Earth Day Fair at the Hi-Desert Nature Museum


April 22nd  World Earth Day 2018

This years theme is END PLASTIC POLLUTION to find out how you can participate click the link below.


April 29th Full Pink Moon 5:59 pm. PDT 

According to the Old Farmers Almanac, "April’s Full Moon, the Full Pink Moon, heralds the appearance of the “moss pink,” or wild ground phlox—one of the first spring flowers. It is also known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon.
These names were used by early Colonial Americans—who learned the names from the local Native Americans; time was not recorded by using the months of the Julian or Gregorian calendar. Many tribes kept track of time by observing the seasons and lunar months, although there was much variability. The name itself usually described some activity that occurred during that time in their location."

Image Courtesy  of NASA


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